Friday, January 17, 2014

Never thought I would utter these words...

...Books, Reading, Obsessed

Never thought that I would say those words... EVER...but I now have a love a reading...never too late right?! That's what I thought.  Starting in January 2013, kicking off with Fifty Shades of Grey, I have read 180 books... That's about 15 a month..all the while going to school. :) 

I figure now that I am done with school I should put my reading to good use and help share my thoughts & feelings on the books that I have read or are reading now.

You can never have enough books right?! I currently have 253 books that I want to read, 454 free books to read, 31 on the kindle to read and waiting for 19 to be released. My goal is try to tackle my book lists. 

Writing has never been my favorite subject but now reading is, so I will try to put the two together for some good use but bear with me as I navigate the world of book reviewing. My goal is to get my book BFF Amber to help with this endeavor, I'm sure there wont be too much twisting of her arm.  Well it didn't take any twisting at all. 

To our new endeavor of blogging, reviewing and discussing everything books! 

~Obsessed S

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