Friday, March 28, 2014

Stirred Up & Stirred up 2 by Angela Graham & S.E. Hall

Certain men. Certain professions. Some things are just universally sexy.

But maybe not quite this sexy…

“Lie back for me.”

“Are you questioning your doctor?”

My Review of both books
book 1
I enjoy a good laugh and was doing that with this book. As a females we know how we dread the yearly ob checkup appointments but sure don't help when you have a sexy male Dr. They sure can make you laugh about it.  Her brother Dylan & friend Brody are close group. She wants her brother to make something of himself as always playing video games.

book 2
In this book you get to hear more of the best friends Brady & Addison and how there friendship has a few bumps in the road. Brady wants more from Addison but she just wants to be friends. How about Sexy Dr. Reynolds only if we all could have a Dr. like him. Addison is more outgoing and its nice to see this side of her. While her brother Dylan has made career path that fits him. Pleasantly surprised with the ending and couldn't be happier.


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