Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Royally Trained ~ Diana Ames

Royally Trained By Diana Ames

Good Reads Description:
In a country stuck in the dark ages is a world filled with sex and scandal. Governed by royalty, those in power have many deep-rooted secrets that span generations.

Prince Anton’s sordid past has forged his future. He finds his only pleasure from being a sadist, but he knows he must continue the royal bloodline and create an heir for his country. Forced by responsibility, he turns to the one man who can give him the best of both worlds. But will Prince Anton find what he’s searching for?

Damian is the ruler of The Dungeon. He is the Teacher, and the only man Prince Anton can trust to provide him with what he needs. He is on a mission to find a virgin submissive to become the prince’s life partner. What happens when the Teacher falls for the woman he’s been ordered to train?

As lust and love spiral out of control, Prince Anton and Damian find their lives change unexpectedly because of one independent and defiant woman.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: This novel contains language, violence, and sexual situations

My Book Obsessed Review:

I received an ARC copy from the author or an honest review.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Castles, Princes and Doms, oh my!

This book captured my attention from the beginning and kept me wanting to know what happened next. I went into this book with an open mind and no pre-conceived expectations as to what it would be. I was won over its such a great read.

There is a lot more to this book that isn’t captured in the description that I really don’t want to give away too much and ruin the experience for you the reader.  I do want to say that I am not one for dark/abuse books which was a small part. I was surprise that I wasn't turned off by that part of the story but I guess as a reader I wasn't focusing on the abuse aspect but more of the story and what could have possibly happened for someone to be like that.

The characters and their development in this book were awesome. Anton is not my favorite person of the story in the beginning but I do love Mellissandra; she is such a strong women and I can see why both Damian and Anton are attracted to her. Damian is woah!! Hot!

Great job Diana, I thought the writing and the story was excellent. You have won me over as a reader.

Book 1 was awesome and I can’t wait for the next book!!

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