Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scars & Tats by Kristi Pelton

Scars and Tats by Kristi Pelton - author


Scars are tattoos with better stories…
A scarred, lonely woman
A curious little boy
One uninvited, tattooed guest
A nasty blizzard
One cabin
Two guns
A set of handcuffs
What could possibly go wrong?
Mela McKinley fled with her infant son and disappeared four years ago trying to heal the awful scars inside and out. Taking refuge in the mountains of Colorado, not one person had come near their secluded doorstep… though she was prepared for a fight.
In the middle of a historic blizzard, little Beck points out the window to a figure approaching in the snow. After hiding Beck…and fully armed, Mela confronts Jackson Winslow and has zero reservations about shooting him, if necessary.
Ultimately, saving him from the forces of nature, she takes the uninvited stranger prisoner in her home holding the upper hand. While cautiously tending to him, she realizes how much she has missed a man—though this scarred and tattooed man is not who he seems. Once he has invaded her thoughts in a delicious way, her guard is down and suddenly, the tables are turned and now…it’s his turn.
What she doesn’t know is who he really is and what he brings to her doorstep.

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My Review~

Let me start by saying this book was Amazing! You have Mela who was always haunted by her twin sisters past....you may wonder what that is when you read you will find out. It wasn't till she met Ian in the most unexpected way and made her feel emotion again.  But Ian's mother being the senator she wasn't about to let her son stand next to "trash" as she saw Mila that way.  That's when a twist of events come.

Mela decided she is going to save herself and her son from Senator McKinley who out to get her. She turned to her twin sister for help little did she know she'd have a motorcycle gang that would help her through this event.  She moved into a cabin no one knew where she lived not even her sister. Mela was going to protect her son Becks no matter what it took.

That was until a snowstorm came and a man who got lost came into her yard. Being protective with the gun and demanding to know who he is but he fell unconscious cause of the cold.  Of course she felt bad as she has a heart and couldn't just leave him in the snow, this is where we meet Jackson.

Jackson is an an attorney and when you come to find out info on him just stirs the pot. He finally wakes up being out of it and her son Becks is very intrigued by Jackson. She try's to say he's a stranger we don't know him but be safe.  But who was she trying to protect her son or herself?

When being cooped up in a small house attraction starts to spark. Mela don't want to give into Jackson but her heart has other plans.  That is till the unexpected happens yet again. I want to give so much more but the ending in this book had me gasping saying NO! You will be shocked yet happy with the outcome.

"We are all on this earth for a reason. Every day is leading you somewhere even though you won’t know it until you get there."   This is one of my favorite quotes.

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