Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yours To Bare by Jessica Hawkins
Released: December 8, 2016


  Finn No matter how cruel it’s been in the past, I’ve never been able to flip fate the bird. I’m a romantic at heart. So when fate drops a leather-bound journal at my feet, I know I should walk away.   I don't. I pick her up, bend her spine, spread her pages. From the first word, I’m a goner. The owner didn’t give me access to her most intimate desires, but I devour them anyway. Her private darkness, her candid, explicit poetry—it all goes down like warm milk. And from that point forward, I drink, eat, and sleep her.   Halston I went to his apartment and let him take my picture. Just once, to see how it would feel. I’m not his to look at, to inspire, to touch, but when he watches me through his lens, it gives me a high I don’t want to come down from…   My journal is the one place I can be myself—as long as I can tie it up and put it away when I’m finished. But when Finn undoes the bow, he pulls strings that could unravel each of us.  

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My Review~ Your probably already aware Finn from Slip of the Tongue and his passion for photography. You get to see a new side to him how he works his magic for his photos, how he's guarded and how he's protective. His world got changed just buy having a cup of coffee and finding a little notebook. At the time he didn't know the words in that book would change his life forever. That is where Halston comes into play. She had a tragic accident happen at a young age and blamed herself, she started to write how she felt as a form of therapy. She had an image to uphold her father is well known and works for him. Little did she know here deepest of thoughts would get into a strangers hands. If fate will have it Finn tracks down the owner of the book he found which lead him to Halston. Halston is guarded but Finn knows a side to her that no one has seen before and she's worried how he will look at her. Little do they both know they will be each other’s form of therapy. Finn as you know loves to take pictures and Harlow wants to break free of the image she has to uphold for her father. The connection the two of them have is caution but also understanding of pain. The way Halston is able to feel safe with a complete stranger. Finn is able to take his time with her and understand her pain from the words he has read in her notebooks. A simple picture would then change both their lives together, they form a bond of trust allowing others to view fins works on IG but keep her privacy. This is where it all begins but almost what leads them to the end. I don't want to give to many details but you get hooked, you feel the raw emotion and can relate to the characters. The heartache, chemistry and trust plus so much more. I was hooked I didn't want it to end plus I was surprised like usual as Jessica is able to put a twist in there that you’re not expecting.
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