Friday, July 31, 2015

My Biggest Mistake by Leddy Harper Giveaway

Win a copy of My Biggest Mistake by Leddy Harper

Edie had spent her whole life planning her future, imagining her husband, her kids, and even which minivan she’d drive. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to wait long, marrying her high school sweetheart right after graduation.

All of Edie’s dreams had come true, until they were no longer her dreams. Unable to deal with the lingering depression caused by having children, she left her whole life behind, walking away from the one thing she'd always wanted.

Donovan Leery loved his wife with everything he had and could never imagine life without her. Until he came home from work one day and found a letter from Edie, explaining she needed a break. Not only leaving him to live his life without her, but alone to raise their three small children.

But what happens when Edie is ready to come home? When she’s ready to fight for it all back? She knew it wouldn’t be easy. But she didn’t care. After spending years getting her life back together, she was ready to fight for her family. And a fight is what Donovan would give her.

She'd fight to make up for her Biggest Mistake.

My Review:

Lets just say this book was may most favorite of Leddy's. I was a roller coaster of emotions. The story, the characters all of it... I was literally a mess of emotions. I loved some characters, I hated some characters then I changed my mind... my hate turned to understanding... I wish I could re-read it over again for the first time... as a mom and a wife it really hit me over the head with a bat, ripped my heart out and fixed it all up. I cant say enough about this but you may need a box of Kleenex, a bottle of wine, an ice pack, maybe some chill pills, I'm pretty sure I left a few things off the list.. you just need to read the book and decide for yourself to see what it made you feel but at the end of they day whatever emotion you WILL feel.

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