Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Night Fever by Jessica Hawkins

My Review. Night Fever book 1 If you have read Jessica's other books you know how sucked in you get. Well She didn't disappoint another great book. You have Lola and Johnny the average couple where everything just flows nice together. They work together at a bar. She loves Johnny and they are trying to move forward in life together but that just it they are stuck. Bar wages and what they want in life is keeping them from what they want. That's when they get an offer they have to decide to take or not....Will it be worth it, taking the risk, will Johnny and Lola be able to move forward if they accept the offer. That is where the mystery of Beau comes into place as he is the one with the offer? Random stranger that happened to walk into the bar and can change their lives what is it you ask....I so wish I could tell more but don’t want to ruin anything. This was a great read stayed up all night didn’t want to put it down. It sucks you in wanting more. Cant wait for next book. ~Amber

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